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We are the Leader in California Based College Tours and Educational Travel Programs


Research and learn more about California Colleges and see what options are available for you before and after high school graduation. Learn more about programs we offer and how to register your group or for an individual program.

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Register for programs as early as possible. Our programs often fill up quickly! This will be one of the best investments you will make in your future education. While touring with California College Bound, you will have an up close and personal opportunity to learn about college options, scholarships and see campuses during your selected tour program.


Arrive 30 minutes before tour boarding time. During the tour you select, you will have an opportunity to experience different California campuses, surroundings as well meet amazing educators and course leaders. Guided programs give students an in depth view of California college campuses


This will be one of the biggest decisions of your life.You will have the opportunity to gather admissions, scholarship and attend lectures from current students on each campus. Once you have narrowed down your options on which campus fits your interests, lifestyle and future career ambitions you will be one step closer to getting into the college that is the best fit for you.

Knowledgable Educators

California College Bound loves education and believes California is one of the best places to receive a world class education. There is no other place in the world that has numerous beaches, breathtaking mountain landscapes, year round warm weather and first class educational facilities.

California College Bound travel programs are conducted for students, parents and educators statewide, nationally and internationally interested in visiting California colleges and Universities. Majority of our course leaders hold Masters degrees in education or related fields and have over 10 years of experience within the California education system.

Life Changing Experience

Choosing a college or university is a life changing experience.  The peers, professors and faculty a young adult will encounter during this time will shape the way they see the world and what future opportunities they may or may not have after graduation.

California College Bound provides a platform for students to see as many colleges as possible in the state of California. Students and parents learn about the environments and campus culture before committing to a school. Additionally, we provide invaluable lectures and workbooks for students during their camps visits. Once a family commits to a school; financially it will be one of the largest investments in your future.

California College Bound goal is to provide excellent resources to explore college campuses, discover options and help students understand how these choices will impact their future careers, colleagues and lifestyle.

Non-Bias Opinions

California College Bound presents information that is unbiased and we are not affiliated with any college in particular. Our goal is to share information, give greater insight and provide materials that allow students to understand what scholarship options are open to them.

By receiving information and knowledge regarding California College Campuses, students are able to make better informed decisions and have a better knowledge as to which college campus will be the best fit for them upon high school graduation.

Exceptional Service

The backbone of California College Bound is safety and quality service. We strive to provide a professional quality service at reasonable prices to assist students and parents.

We take pride in knowing over 75% of our clients are recommended by friends or family that have joined a California College Bound Tour.

Additionally, over 50% of clients that have joined a California College Bound tour participate or join another tour within 12 months. This shows our commitment to quality and service in every trip offered.

Explore, Learn & Choose

Explore which California College Bound program is the right fit for you. Register now programs fill up quickly.

What Are People Saying?

It was an amazing experience to see so many of the UC colleges before graduating. Prior to hearing about California College Bound I only had an opportunity to see two of the campuses. Once I visited UC Santa Barbara during Spring Break, I knew it was the right campus for me. The UC College Tours was an excellent way to see the various UC campuses.

Connor Wolcott, UCSB

My daughter changed her mind every year regarding which school she wanted to visit. After joining two California College Bound tours she was blown away by the University of Southern California campus. She was pleasantly surprised when she applied for college that she got accepted into 3 out of the 5 schools she applied to. Most importantly, she got into her top choice University of Southern California Business School.

John Newton, Parent of a USC Freshman

The scholarship series during the trip was the most useful. Thank you for giving me advice on receiving scholarships. Upon graduation I was able to get a full scholarship to Pomona College. Prior to joining the Small California College tour I had no idea there were so many amazing small colleges in California with so many great opportunities. 

Chase Wolcott, Pomona College

Amazing experience visiting California from North Carolina. Our school group loved visiting the state and seeing the college campuses. A lot of the students enjoyed the off campus activities since it was their Spring Break. This year over 10 students applied to California which is the largest cohort group that has ever done so. We attribute this to California College Bound and their amazing team. 

Debbie Johnson

Explore California

California has a ton of academic options. Make sure you see them for yourself before making one of the biggest decisions of your life.

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