Unusual Majors You Can Study at California Colleges

Students born post-1990 are said to be unconventional, as they tend to avoid traditional and prestigious courses such as medicine, law, and engineering.

California College Bound has compiled a list of very unusual but equally exciting majors you can pursue at colleges based in California.

Bachelor & Master of Science in Viticulture and Enology (Wine): University of California, Davis

The University of California, Davis is conveniently located near Napa and Sonoma Valley- wine country.  Viticulture and enology majors have a passion for grapes and wine as well as a strong background in science.  Graduates of this program are prepared for work as:

  • Wine makers
  • Vineyard managers
  • Education
  • Sciences
  • Sales and marketing
  • Research
  • Farming and agriculture

Masters of Arts in Sexuality Studies: San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University, through its College of Health and Social Sciences, offer a Master of Art in sexuality studies as well as minors in sexuality studies and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender studies.  San Francisco State University advocates for sexual literacy, social justice for all, and sexuality education. The M.A. in sexual studies is taught through social research methods and social theory.

Course units offered include public health, queer studies, psychology, political science, gender and women’s studies, gender minorities, criminal justice, intimate relationships, and sexual health, along with many others.

Cannabis Cultivation: Oaksterdam University

Oaksterdam University was founded in 2007 in Oakland. The cannabis cultivation degree was formed to help bridge the gap in the thriving legal industry that exists for medical marijuana. Oaksterdam University boasts over 30,000 alumni since its inception. Its faculty comprises entrepreneurs and cannabis cultivators, academics and entrepreneurs.  Students are educated on the legal, economic, political, and logistical scenarios of working in the cannabis industry. An academic year is divided into two sections: a classic program of theory and a horticultural program.

The classic program, run by the business department offers courses in:  economics, law, history, business, and science. Students are taught how to run a compliant cannabis business, managing of inventory, security, filing of taxes, and banking.

In the horticultural department, students are introduced to the process of cannabis cultivation from planting to harvest. Each class session exposes the student to a hands-on experience in the school’s laboratories. Students deal with all stages of cannabis from seeds, clones, mothers, and harvest. The students are also taught on the correct type of soil, fertilizer, and nutrients.

Natural Chef: Bauman College

Bauman College is on the forefront of holistic education.  Driven by a rigorous curriculum as well as relevant career guidance, graduates of the natural chef program are industry leaders in nutrition-based cooking.  Students are prepared through hands-on culinary classes and business modules that ensure success in a variety of food careers around the globe.

Traditional degrees are not for everyone.  If you can dream it, you can find it!  Sign up today with California College Bound and we will take you on a tour of California colleges who offer very exciting courses beyond your imagination.

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