University of California Admissions Requirements for Home-schooled Students

According to recent studies, homeschooled students outperform students from traditional schools upon admission into college. Colleges have taken note of homeschooled students’ potential and many of the top colleges as well as the top universities in the U.S.A are actively recruiting homeschooled students.

What are the University of California Requirements for Homeschooled Students?

University of California Requirements to Complete During High School

  • Satisfy University of California’s ‘a-g’ Requirements

The ‘a-g’ subject requirements intend to ensure that prospective students have attained a body of general knowledge that will allow them to thrive in the college academic environment. All first-year students must complete each of the ‘a-g’ courses with a grade C or better.

Definition of the ‘a-g’ subjects:

a – History / social science: 2 years required

b – English: 4 years required

c – Mathematics: 3 years required

d – Laboratory science: 2 years required.

e – Language other than English: 2 years required

f – Visual and performing arts: 1 year required

g – College preparatory requirements: 1 year required

The students are required to be issued an official high school transcript and diploma through a public-school district.

Hint: If you desire admission to University of California schools, plan carefully. Prepare your curriculum based not only on your parameters but also on those that intersect with University of California ‘a-g’.

University of California Admission by Exception: Use of Supplemental Information

The University of California offers admission by exception. This option provides homeschooled students with the opportunity to use the personal insight questions in place of the ‘a-g’ course. The students may also use the additional comments section of the admission application to explain their unique story. The admission officer may meet the applicants to review their curriculum and their homeschool transcripts, in order to make a determination about their suitability to join University of California school.

University of California Allows the Use of the Standardized Testing Scores to Satisfy the Admission Requirements

Most of the requirements for admission to the University of California can be satisfied by exams. Indeed high-level classes automatically validate lower level ones in most subjects.

For instance:

  • History / social sciences can be satisfied with:
  • The U.S history and world history SAT exams
  • English can be satisfied by:
  • Earning a 3, 4, five on the Advanced Placement English language and composition, or
  • Earning a 680 or better on the SAT subject: writing test
  • Mathematics can be satisfied with:
    • SAT subject Math 2
    • A 480 or Math level 1 SAT score of 570
  • Laboratory science is satisfied by:
    • SAT subject examination, or,
    • Biology score of 540
    • Chemistry score of 530
    • Physics score of 530
  • Language other than English is satisfied by:
    • SAT subject examination, or,
    • Chinese with listening 520
    • French with listening 540
    • German with listening 510
    • Modern Hebrew 470
    • Italian 520
    • Japanese with listening 510
    • Korean with listening 500
    • Latin 530
    • Spanish with listening 520
  • College preparatory elective is satisfied by:
    • SAT subject examination
    • History score of 550
    • World history score of 540
    • Writing English composition or literature score of 560
    • Mathematics level 2 score of 520

In this option, a candidate essentially presents themselves as qualified based on the standardized tests scores through the ACT and SAT, or the Advanced Placement tests. Note: If a homeschooled student uses standardized tests and Advanced Placement tests to demonstrate competency, the University of California ‘a-g’ requirements will be essentially waived.

Attending University of California Schools from Homeschooling Requires Careful Planning:

  • Parents of homeschoolers should plan their children’s junior and high school curriculum well in advance to take advantage of the preparatory requirements for the University of California ‘a-g’ requirements
  • Stay abreast of the requirements for the University of California system and also the individual schools within the system
  • Plan the courses in the transcript with the University of California in mind: number of lines available for courses per subject, character limits in the course titles on the application form

Are you a homeschool student experiencing uncertainties about your chances of joining a University of California school? Worry no more. California College Bound will point you to the resources so that you understand the requirements for admission into the top colleges in California.  Visit California on one of our tours of California, as a way to become familiar with the best colleges in California.

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