The Top 5 Universities with the Most Graduates Working in Silicon Valley

Recruiters are always looking out for employees with the right credentials for their companies. Employers in Silicon Valley are no an exception to this rule.

Silicon Valley is home to some of the most well-known computer technology companies.  With a desire to break through into a company located in this hub, college grads are becoming well versed with digital tools and are quick in learning the new ones.

According to a report by employment data firm, ‘Hiring Solved’, some of the specific skills that are in high by top tech companies in Silicon Valley are: python (a programming language used for the back-end of web applications), HTML, SQL, Mat lab, Java, and JavaScript.

What do Silicon Valley Employers look for in a College Graduate?

For graduates, it is essential to know that employers emphasize on skills more than an institution’s name when recruiting.

The highest number of alumni working in Silicon Valley are not from Ivy League institutions, rather they hail from public universities.

What are the Top Universities With the Highest Number of Graduates Getting Jobs in Silicon Valley?

  1. University of California, Berkeley

According to the online recruiting company, Hiring Solved, Berkeley tops the list among the universities with the highest number of graduates working in Silicon Valley. The school has proven that it is a hub of tech talent.

Beyond introducing students to management, entrepreneurship and technology curriculum, Cal Berkeley programs prepare students for the real world by instilling leadership and tech skills that put them on a path to becoming successful.

  1. Stanford University

Stanford ranks second among universities with the highest number of graduates working in Silicon Valley’s top 25 tech companies. The proximity to these tech companies makes them the best recruits.

  1. University of California, San Diego

More than 400 UC San Diego alumni are currently working in the top tech companies in Silicon Valley. This is according to a report by Business Insider, who places the campus at number 12 among the universities with the highest graduates at Silicon Valley. The school is a tremendous hub of talent and the programs are tailor made to make the students fit into the different tech companies.

  1. University of Southern California

Ranked among the best universities in America, USC offers high caliber academics and is a fun environment to learn in. Students are taught to be leaders and prepared to take challenging positions in the tech world.

  1. University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, Los Angeles is ranked number 21 among the best universities. Computer science is one of the popular majors offered to help prepare students for challenging tech jobs.

With the recent technological changes, students should be equipped with the new digital techniques. Attending an institution that offers such skills will enable you to compete well with other graduates. Recruiters are more interested in the skills you bring to the table, so it is important to find a well rounded university that prepares you with the technical skills as well as real world experience.  Join California College Bound and visit many of these colleges to learn why they are the best schools for finding a job in Silicon Valley.

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