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The Top 5 Community Colleges in Silicon Valley |

The Top 5 Community Colleges in Silicon Valley

Community colleges are gaining popularity amongst freshman students.  Throughout history the four-year university carried more prestige than their two-year counterparts. However, enrollment in community colleges has increased as university prices continue to sky-rocket and the quality of education provided at community colleges improves. 

Many students cleverly use community colleges to complete the general education requirements of their freshman and sophomore years, before transferring to a four year university to complete their degree.  Selecting a community college in Silicon Valley could be a wise career move for access into a nearby four year university (and future employment with a rising tech company).

Reasons For Increased Enrollment Rates in Community Colleges:

  • More affordable tuition fees
  • Offers flexible schedules that allows working students to study and still attend to other areas of their life
  • More personalized instruction from the teachers because faculty devotes more time to students and not publishing research
  • Students who did not perform well in high school can improve their grades before applying to a four year school

The Top 5 Community Colleges in Silicon Valley

De Anza Community College

73% of the students from De Anza Community College transfer into a four year institution.

  • tuition ranges from $12,300-$19,000

Ohlone College

Ohlone College in Fremont, is among the top recognized community colleges in California. 21% of their students transfer into four year institutions.

  • Tuition: $13,388

Mission Community College

Although Mission Community College has a lower transfer rate of 17.60%, it offers and affordable education as well as goes to great lengths to assist its graduates in transferring to a four year institution.  Each spring, the college organizes a fair to give students an opportunity to meet and interact with representatives from other colleges and university.

  • tuition: $6,000

City College of San Francisco

City College of San Francisco has a student population of 90,000 students spread across 11 campuses in the Bay Area. The transfer rate to four year universities is 14.20%.

  • tuition: $12,416

Choosing the right community college can help jumpstart your higher education dreams and help you actualize your career prospects. Choose a school that is tailored to meet your precise needs, at an affordable rate.

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