The Most Affordable Catholic Schools in California

A college education is expensive. According to USA Today, American universities are increasing their tuition by an average of 3.6%. A handful of private institutions have increased their tuition rates by more than 4%.

Attending a Catholic school can provide huge advantages to students, such as: the benefits of schooling in a spiritual environment, a highly structured atmosphere, and encouragement from the community to cultivate a sense of purpose. Can a California student reap the benefits of a catholic university without getting into eternal debt?

What are the Most Affordable Catholic Schools in California?

Marymount California University

Marymount California University is an independent Catholic coeducational university that is based on a liberal arts tradition. The university’s campuses are located on the scenic Southern Californian coastline in Rancho, Palos Verdes, California.   The university offers four majors: business, liberal arts, media studies, and psychology.

Marymount California University is among the most affordable Catholic colleges in California:

  • Tuition cost: $31,932
  • Financial aid awarded to more than 70% of its students yearly

The school also features numerous scholarships:

  • Athletic scholarships
  • Fine arts scholarships
  • Dean’s scholarships
  • Trustee’s scholarships
  • Transfer Dean’s scholarships
  • Achievement scholarship

Loyola Marymount University

Loyola Marymount University is a Catholic co-educational university located in Westchester, West of Los Angeles. Loyola Marymount University is among the most affordable catholic universities in California.

Tuition cost: $40,265

Even though this cost of attendance may seem intimidating, many students of Loyola Marymount University do not pay the full price. Loyola Marymount University features the most generous financial aid awards for its students.


  • 90% of all Loyola Marymount students receive financial aid.
  • 84% of students receive grant money (average grant awarded is $ 18,880
  • The average school grant is $15,835.

Holy Names University

Holy Names University is a Roman Catholic Church-affiliated university which was founded in 1868. The university is located in the Oakland hills and has an undergraduate enrolment of 896 students.

Tuition cost: $32,590

Holy Names University offers generous financial aid to its students.

  • 100 % of Holy Names University students receive financial aid
  • 100% of the students receive grant money
  • The average grant is $22,797
  • The average school grant at Holy Name University is $18,385

Mount Saint Mary’s University  

Mount Saint Mary’s University is a private Catholic university with a liberal arts curriculum and an undergraduate enrolment of 1,729 students.

Tuition cost: $35,944

Mount Saint Mary’s University makes an effort to ensure that all its students are able to meet the cost of education.

Fact: All students at Mount Saint Mary’s University receive financial aid.

  • 95% of students receive federal aid
  • 100% of students receive school grants

Affordability of a college is much more than just the tuition cost, it is also about financial aid. Reach out to California College Bound and we will provide you with information on catholic institutions in California as well as financial aid.

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