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The Happiest, Healthiest, Fittest City in America- Studying in San Francisco |

The Happiest, Healthiest, Fittest City in America- Studying in San Francisco

San Francisco is undeniably one of the world’s largest cities in the world. It is also home to the world’s finest corporations such as Google, Apple and Facebook. With the prospect for excellent job opportunities after graduation, San Francisco is a fine choice to consider college after graduation from high school.

Reasons San Francisco is a Fantastic Place to Attend College

  • Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is California’s tech eccentric brain pool. The communities collectively known as Silicon Valley are home base for the heart and soul of computer technology. Silicon Valley is the place where lunchtime ideas become the next brilliant innovation. Students who study in San Francisco have access to the most incredible internships and employment prospects in the Silicon Valley.

  • Fantastic Attractions

Some of the local attractions for students studying in San Francisco, California include;

  • The Golden Gate Bridge and Alamo Square Park
  • The park is home to the famous ‘Painted Ladies.’ The two locations were utilized as landscape shots for American sitcom ‘Full House.’
  • Lombard Street is known for its crooked streets and incredible views.
  • Pier 39 offers dining, shopping, beautiful views of the bay, sunbathing seals, entertainment, and the famous Alcatraz Island
  • The Golden Gate National Recreation Area is home to many of San Francisco’s

California College Bound has established that students in San Francisco can visit Ocean Beach, Baker Beach, Crissy Field, Fort Funston, Land’s End, Fort Mason, and the San Francisco Maritime National Park. San Francisco boasts a total of 220 parks that are maintained by the city of San Francisco.

  • A Vibrant Spiritual Life

Research indicates that an emphasis on spiritual belief systems, helps to reduce stress levels and increases an individual’s wellbeing. San Francisco has a vibrant spiritual life characterized by yoga, meditation, and Eastern philosophy. This is as a result of the long history of Eastern Religious studies in San Francisco’s cultural centers.

Fun facts:

  • San Francisco hosts the oldest Buddhist temple in the U.S.
  • Yoga is everywhere! Terminal two of the San Francisco International Airport has a yoga room for travelers
  • Students who study in San Francisco will find nearly any type of yoga, including naked yoga in Noe Valley.

San Francisco features spiritual centers, such as: Green Gulch Zen Center, Esalen Institute, Mount Madonna, and Spirit Rock.  Each of these centers offer workshops and retreats, within a short distance from the city.

Fun fact: The vibrant spiritual life has been cited as one of the reasons why the people who live in San Francisco are so happy and healthy.

San Francisco is, therefore, an ideal location for students who are spiritual or who need to get to get in touch with their spiritual side.

  • Outdoor Activities are everywhere in San Francisco

California College Bound believes San Francisco is perfect for students who are fitness enthusiasts.

Fun fact: San Francisco Bay is ranked the seventh fittest Metropolitan area in America, in part to its outdoor recreational activities and exercise options.

San Francisco offers an outdoor activity for every fitness personality. The pleasant weather and beautiful public trails allow students to easily fit in daily workouts, without needing a gym membership. What is more, students will build quads of steel from walking up the city’s many steep hills.


  • San Francisco is Organic

Fun fact: San Francisco was voted by the online magazine, ‘Organic Authority’, as the best city to live the organic food lifestyle.

Students who study in San Francisco will reduce their exposure to synthetic fertilizer, antibiotics, hormones, and other pesticides that are consumed from conventional food sources. Consequently, they avoid the long-term health consequences that may be brought about by these compounds.

Fun fact: Francisco was voted the friendliest city in the U.S by Peasant Francisco has been hailed for:

  • Being an oasis of vegetarian and vegan restaurants
  • Having a broad variety of vegetarian and vegan-friendly menus

Students in San Francisco can eat the fruits that grow on trees in certain public parks within the city.

Deciding to study in San Francisco is a winner choice and one may never want to leave. Rudyard Kipling once said, “the only drawback to San Francisco is how hard it is to leave”.  California College Bound agrees; after all, it has been voted the happiest, healthiest and fittest city in America.

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    Fun, Sun and good vibes, sign me up!

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    This would be an amazing thing to do. I really appreciate you sharing the details with us and how you were able to accomplish such a thing. It’s an inspiration to me, and many others I’m sure.

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