Safety & Security

Safety is the top priority for all of our programs. California College Bound creates safe and professional programs, which aim to be an extension of the secure and nurturing environment provided during school hours. Our professional staff, goes to great lengths to ensure the safety of all of our participants.

  • 24 Hour Support: Our local office is available to support groups, in any way possible, while they are traveling.
  • Trained Course Leaders: California College Bound trip leaders are caring and dynamic individuals, many are current and semi retired California teachers and educators. Our staff members are specially trained to:
    • Provide engaging activities and information about local sites and future college options.
    • Juggle trip logistics with the greatest of ease.
  • Overnight Chaperones: Chaperones are provided for extra peace of mind, throughout the evenings. Chaperones monitor hotel hallways to ensure students are safely in their own room, getting a good night’s rest.
  • On-Site Coordinators: Each group receives additional support, from an on-site coordinator, while traveling. On-site coordinators ensure smooth logistics of our daily programs by assisting in a variety of tasks to make the group logistics run smoothly, as well as anticipate the groups needs to avoid any disturbances to our programming.
  • Certified Drivers: All drivers are ‘SPAB’ Certified (School Pupil Activity Bus certificate) and meet the current laws and regulations for transporting students, which includes:
    • Valid commercial license
    • Passenger endorsement certificate
    • 35 hour course with California Highway Patrol + a background check, medical exam, and fingerprinting.
    • Written and driving examinations.
    • 10 hours of continuing education, each year.
  • Student Identification Cards: Students participating on a trip are required to wear a name tag, which includes the contact information and toll free number, to our local office.
  • On Call Doctor: It is unlikely that a medical doctor will be needed, but just in case, a medical doctor will be on call for phone consultations, 24 hours a day.
  • Travel Insurance: Each participant is covered by California College Bound group travel insurance. We strive to give parents peace of mind while their child explores college options.