Reasons Why Students from Arizona Come to California to Study

Students from Arizona agree that California is the ultimate study destination. Here is why Arizonians are packing up their bags and traveling one state west for college.

California Offers Plenty of Job Opportunities to Students After Graduation

California offers a lucrative job market with employment options in virtually every field. Silicon Valley, for instance, has the highest percentage of jobs that are amenable to recent college graduates. Recent grads in California can expect to earn a median salary of $3,333 a month, the second highest median in the country.

California Boasts Perfect Weather- ALL YEAR!

Arizona is notorious for scorching hot summers! While winter months in the state are very pleasant, many Arizona residents are looking to escape the extreme heat. The average temperature in Arizona in July, according to the weather channel, is 106 degrees. Arizona experiences extreme heat that can be dangerous to the human body and at times has halted airline traffic coming into Phoenix. In summer, the Salvation Army often opens hydration stations across Phoenix to distribute water and educate people about the dangers of extreme heat. The answer for those who are not willing to ride out the summer heat: the state next door.

California is the textbook example of beautiful climate all year round. California enjoys a Mediterranean climate with nearly 200 pleasant days in a year. It is never too hot and never too cold; winters average at 57degrees and summers at 72 degrees.  Although California has winter, it is mild as compared to many other places. In California, you can enjoy walks at the beach all year.  Surfers enjoy the winter months, even though a wetsuit comes in handy.

A Well Organized Education System

California higher education is one of the best organized systems in the country. California colleges and universities have an excellent reputation for providing quality education. In fact, California is the most represented state among ‘the Best American Universities’, according to the World University Rankings. California’s three-pronged approach to higher education, which includes the University of California system, the California State System and California’s Community College System is comprehensive and effective.

California’s education buffet of schools is varied and expansive. From formidable state schools to small accomplished schools, renowned private schools to established Christian colleges, California’s education system has something for everyone. Students from Arizona studying in California can look forward to the acknowledgment of the quality and prestige of their diplomas and degrees upon graduation, both nationally and internationally.

The Arizona education system, on the other hand, cannot measure up to California’s. A study in 2016 revealed that Arizona State is the least attractive to teachers, and has reached a teacher shortage crisis level. Teachers were noted to be leaving the profession in Arizona at the rate of three times more than the national average.

By the time of the study, Arizona was experiencing 2,000 unfilled teacher positions. The report indicated that lack of respect for teachers and poor pay were the two main causes of the sad state of affairs. The average salary for graduate teachers in Arizona is $132,000, way below the national average. The teachers were said to be leaving for California where the average starting salary is $8,000 – $10,000 more than that of Arizona.

California Offers Diversity

California boasts the largest population of several ethnic groups: Asians, Latinos, American Indians and Hispanic. In fact, 43% of California residents speak a language other than English at home. No ethnic group can be said to be the majority of California’s population, making California a minority-majority state. With this diversity, California remains one of the most active and inviting American states for students from Arizona. Studying in California provides much more than the education that they pay for. Experiencing and exploring this international cultural hub will certainly enhance a student’s life.

California’s Beautiful Landscape

California’s diversity does not stop at it’s people. The diversity of California’s landscapes renders a wide range of weekend sports and activities. From the famous beaches to the scenic nature trails, the gorgeous forests and state parks as well as hot spots for extreme sports, California presents plenty of unique land features to take a student’s breath away.

Now that we have established why students from Arizona prefer to study in California, California College Bound would be delighted to introduce prospective students to our many California schools. Join a California College Bound tour.

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