Online Apps to Help with College Prep

There are numerous activities involved in getting ready for college. Completing the college application process can be overwhelming for prospective students.

In today’s technologically forward world, why not stress less by using apps that are streamlined to help:

  • Navigate the unique characteristics of each school
  • Write college essays for various colleges
  • Answer biographical questions for the schools you are applying to
  • Answer supplementary questions for each school
  • Research and apply for merit-based scholarships.

What Apps Can a Student Use to Help with College Prep?


Naviance is an American college and career preparation app provider that collaborates with high schools and other K-12 institutions to provide students with appropriate tools for college planning and career assessment.

The software provides students with a variety of features including:

  • College and career preparation: Naviance allows students to create a personalized plan that helps them make the right decisions throughout their academic journey
  • Career exploration: Naviance connects students’ interests to their potential career paths early
  • Academic planning: The app keeps students focused on their objectives by helping them, their families and staff create course plans that match their interests and fulfill the graduation requirements.
  • Self-discovery: Naviance helps students reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, explore their interests as well as career options.

Fact: Research shows that Naviance increases FAFSA completion rates by 37%.

The Naviance mobile app gives students portable access to college research tools, along with an easy way to manage their tasks and school work. The app:

  • Allows students and teachers to add due assignments, and appointments and due dates.
  • Reminds students and teachers when the tasks and assignments are almost due or overdue.
  • Allows students to stay connected with their guidance counselors at times.


Evernote is an easy – to – use free app that helps one remember everything across all the devices they use.

Features of Evernote:

  • Note creation: Evernote allows students to create a ‘note’ which can be a full web page, a photograph, a voice memo, a handwritten ink note or a piece of formatted text
  • Attachment: Ever note allows file attachments on the notes.
  • Organization: Ever note allows one to sort notes into a notebook while notebooks can be added to stack

The app allows students to:

  • Tag
  • Annotate
  • Edit
  • Give comments
  • Search
  • Export as part of a notebook
  • Create to-do lists
  • Record voice reminders
  • Instant message is an app that was created in 1998. The app is a renowned number 1 free scholarship search tool as well as student information research tool for finding free financial aid information. The app is created with the sole objective of helping students graduate college without going deep into debt. database contains more than 3.7 million local, state and national college scholarships and grants that are accessible to students of all backgrounds. The information in the database is real-time, with new scholarships and grants added to the database daily.

All a student needs to do is answer a few questions listing their academic strengths, interests, activities and special attributes. The app’s algorithm will then give the students a list of scholarships and grant opportunities that specially match the student.


Edupath is a comprehensive app that comes with a highly adaptive platform. Edupath is three apps in one:

  • College explorer: The app allows students explore over 1300 accredited 4-year schools, read honest reviews and make suggestions to friends
  • SAT training: The apps adaptive platform picks up on a student’s weaknesses and exercises them until they are strong. Edupath offers SAT training that is designed for a student’s busy schedule
  • Dashboard: Edupath is an exclusive app that allows parents to follow their children’s progress in real time

Edupath walks students through the entire college admission’s process. Once the student has the list of colleges, they can activate the task manager to view calendar of all the due dates for admission requirements.  Lastly, Edupath SAT prep tells the student what scores they need to reach on the SAT or ACT for a given school

Many colleges are now offering mobile apps and students are increasingly moving to the mobile web. Visit California College Bound for more information.

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