1 Day Los Angeles Private Universities Tour


•Tour USC campus (8:00-10:30AM)

Campus Lecture: Do Rankings REALLY matter?(9:00-9:30AM)

•Complete tour of campus (9:30-10:30AM)

•Travel to Loyola Marymount (10:30AM-11:15AM)

•Travel time= 45 minutes


•Tour Loyola Marymount University (11:15AM-2:00PM)

•Lunch on campus(12:15-1:15PM)

•Complete tour of campus (1:15-2:00PM)

•Travel to Pepperdine University (2:00-2:45PM)

•Travel Time= 45 minutes

• Lecture En Route: SAT GOALS and HOW to Reach THEM in HIGH SCHOOL (30 Minutes)

•Tour Pepperdine University campus (2:45-4:45PM)


Campus Lecture: Everything NO ONE Ever told you about getting into a Private University (5:00-5:30PM)

•Dinner on/near campus (5:45-7:15PM)

•Return to pick-up location