6 Day University of California Tour

Day 1:  Board Bus for UC Davis


Starting Location: San Diego, California

-San Diego to Davis Travel Time: 8 Hours

-Hotel check in and welcome!


Day 2: UC Davis & UC San Francisco


  • Breakfast (7:00-7:30AM)
  • Tour of the UC Davis campus (8:00-11:30AM)

Campus Lecture: Everything NO ONE Ever told you about getting into a UC School by a current UC Student (9:30-10:OOAM)

  • Complete tour of campus (10:00-11:30AM)
  • Lunch on UC Davis Campus (11:30AM-12:45AM)
  • Travel to San Francisco (12:45-2:15PM)
    • Travel time= 1 hour 30 minutes traffic possible



  • Tour of UC San Francisco campus (2:30-3:00PM)
  • Travel to Berkeley (3:00-3:45PM)
    • Travel time= 45 Minutes w/traffic

Campus Lecture: Getting into UC of California 101: Where to Start in High School (4:00-4:45PM)




  • Explore downtown Berkeley 4:45-5:30PM)
  • Dinner on/near campus (5:30-7:00PM)
  • Hotel Check in at 7:30PM near Berkeley Campus

Campus Lecture: I GOT IN! A Student Lecture on what it took to Get ACCEPTED into a UC School (8:15-9:00PM)

  • 9:15PM Return to Hotel, Lights Out

UC California Exploration Programs Continued


Day 3:  UC Berkeley & UC Santa Cruz


  • Breakfast (7:00-8:00AM)
  • Tour UC Berkeley campus (8:00-11:00AM)

Campus Lecture: The Profile of a Berkeley Student (9:00-9:45AM)

  • Complete tour of campus (9:45-11:00AM)
  • Lunch on UC Berkeley Campus (11:00AM-12:00PM)
  • Travel to Santa Cruz (12:15-2:15)
    • Travel time=1.5-2 hours



  • Tour of UC Santa Cruz campus (2:30-4:45PM)

Campus Lecture: Everything you need to know about UC California Schools in 30 minutes (3:30-4:00PM)

  • Complete tour of campus (4:00-4:45PM)
  • Explore + dinner Santa Cruz beach boardwalk (5:00-6:30PM)



  • Travel to Merced (6:30-8:30PM)
    • Travel time 2 hours and 45 minutes
  • Hotel check-in Merced (9:15PM)



Day 4: UC Merced & UC Los Angeles


  • Breakfast (7:00-8:00AM)
  • Tour UC Merced campus (8:30-11:00AM)

Campus Lecture: SAT GOALS and HOW to Reach THEM in HIGH SCHOOL (9:30-10:15AM)

  • Complete tour of campus (10:15-11:00AM)
  • Lunch on campus (11:00-12:00PM)



  • Travel to Los Angeles (12:00-4:30PM)
    • Travel time= 4.5 hours
  • Tour UC Los Angeles {4:30-6:30PM)






UC California Exploration Programs Continued



  • Dinner Westwood Plaza area on campus (6:30-7:45PM)

Campus Lecture: Junior and Senior Years! 10 Points of Getting Through Your Last Two Years and College Bound (8:00-8:45PM)

  • Travel to Ventura in route to Santa Barbara (9:00-10:30PM)
    • Travel Time= 1.5 hours
  • Hotel check-in Ventura (10:30PM)



Day 5: UC Santa Barbara & UC Riverside


  • Breakfast (7:00-8:00AM)
  • Travel to Santa Barbara (8;00-8:45AM)
    • Travel time= 45 minutes
  • Tour UC Santa Barbara campus (9:00AM-11:45PM)

Campus Lecture: Develop an Application that Separates you from the Crowd (10:00-10:45AM)

  • Complete tour of campus (10:45-11:45AM)



  • Lunch + explore Isla Vista (12:00-1:30)
  • Travel to UC Riverside (1:30-4:30PM)
    • Travel time= 3 hours



  • Tour UC Riverside campus (4:30-6:30PM)
  • Explore + dinner downtown (6:30-7:45PM The Mission Inn area)

Campus Lecture: Preparing for Campus Life: A road map from 9-12th grade Lecture given by UC Riverside Student Leader (8:00-8:45)

  • 9:00 PM Return to hotel













UC California Exploration Programs Continued


Day 6: UC Irvine & UC San Diego


  • Breakfast (7:00-8:00AM)
  • Travel to Irvine (8:00-9:00AM)
    • Travel time= 1 Hour
  • Tour UC Irvine campus (9:15-11:30AM)

Campus Lecture: Finding and Applying For Scholarships (10:00-10:30AM)

  • Complete tour of campus (10:30-11:30AM)
  • Lunch on campus (11:30-12:30)




  • Travel to San Diego (12:30-1:45PM)
    • Travel time= 1.10 hours
  • Tour UC San Diego campus (2:00-5:00PM)

Campus Lecture: NEXT STEPS to PREPARE + CLOSING CEREMONY (4:00-4:45PM)


Drop off will be on the UC San Diego Campus or UCLA Depending on Student Pick Up Location