5 Day STEM Colleges and Universities

Refund and Cancellation Policy

California College Bound shall make their best effort to execute the tour as planned. However, for safety and security purposes, we can make changes, postponements and cancellations to the planned tours. These can also be a result of weather, riots, transportations issues and any other circumstance beyond our control.

Each Participant declares and agrees he or she has read and shall approve of all its content before making an online reservation.

Cancellations and Changes from California College Bound

In accordance with the Participant Agreement, the online purchase of a tour does not automatically mean a reservation is made. The reservation will be confirmed within one business day. If for any reason the tour cannot be confirmed, we will promptly refund the full purchase price.

Participants should bear in mind that the tours sometimes require a minimum number of Participants in order to operate. However, this happens rarely. Should a tour be cancelled for that reason, we try to accommodate our participants or offer alternatives. These substitute tours, chosen by travelers may have a higher price and thus can be subject to additional cost.

Cancellations and changes from Participants

No refunds can be made in the event the participant does not appear at the pick up location on the day the tour.

No refunds can be given in the event the participant for any reason did not make use of the tour or parts of it. In addition, no refunds can be made for any other expenses the participant has made for the purpose of cancelling or amending the tour.