Highest Ranking California Colleges

California is the land of fantastic landscapes, amazing weather, beautiful beaches, and quality education. California is home to approximately 450 higher education institutions and boasts a handful of universities that are recognized with the highest ranking in the country and worldwide.

What are California’s highest ranked colleges?

Stanford University

Stanford University is among the world’s leading research universities and one of the world’s most prestigious learning institutions. The university is known for its entrepreneurial character, drawn from the legacy of its founders, Jane and Leland Stanford. Stanford University has an enrolment of 16,122 students.  With an acceptance rate of only 5%, Stanford University stands out as the top college in the nation according to Forbes.

Stanford University at a Glance:

  • The university has produced an incredible number of leaders in government: former US president Herbert Hoover and four US Supreme Court judges.
  • Since 1952, more than 54 Stanford University staff and alumni have won the Nobel Prize. Stanford University also has the largest number of Turing award winners for a single institution. The current faculty features 4 Pulitzer Prize winners.
  • Stanford University is one of the top five schools in the world for producing the most undergraduate billionaires. 30 living billionaires have attended Stanford University, including:
    • Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft
    • Kelvin Systrom, Founder of Instagram
    • Snap chat co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy
    • Stanford University’s athletic teams are dominant in collegiate sports. For the last twenty consecutive years, Stanford University has been awarded the NAPCA Director’s Cup. This award is given to the school with the most success in collegiate athletics. In addition, at least one Stanford University student has won a medal in the Olympics each year since 1908.
  • Stanford University Rankings
    • 2nd most innovative school
    • 2nd best undergraduate engineering program
    • 2nd in academic rankings of world universities
    • 5th national university rankings
    • 4th best value school
    • 8th best undergraduate teaching program

California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology is a world-renowned university that was founded in 1891 by Amos Gagger Throop, a self-made businessman and philanthropist. Since then the university has grown to become among the world’s leading scientific institutions. Some of the reasons why California Institute of Technology is amongst the highest ranking are:

  • Undergraduate students are given real research opportunities. Under the ‘SURF’ program, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, about 90% of California Institute of Technology undergraduate students design and complete research projects.
  • The university runs the biggest endowment fund, $1.8 billion. The most prominent benefactor is a Caltech alumni and co-founder of the Intel Corporation, Gordon Moore.
  • California Institute of Technology alumni include 37 Nobel Laureates, 6 Turing award winners, four chief scientists of the US Air Force, and 71 winners of United States national medal of science or technology.
  • California Institute of Technology features 112 faculty members who have been elected to the United States National Academies.
  • The university is ranked number one in the US for the number of graduates who go on to earn a PhD.
  • The school is intimate. It has a total of just 977 undergraduate students and 1204 undergraduate students. The overall student-faculty ratio is an impressive3:1.
  • California Institute of Technology Rankings
    • 10th in national university rankings
    • 1st in Southern California
    • 4th in best undergraduate engineering programs
    • 4th in the world overall
    • 8th best value school
    • 12most innovative school

University of California, Los Angeles 

University of California, Los Angeles is known worldwide for the breadth and quality of its academic programs, healthcare research, continuing education, and athletics programs. The university offers dozens of degrees to some of the brightest students in the nation.

  • University of California, Los Angeles is the most applied to university in the nation. For the fall of 2016, more than 92,000 freshman applications were received.
  • 16 UCLA alumni basketball players currently play in the NBA. The university holds the record for most NCAA titles with 113 titles.
  • The university is among top five regional employers in Los Angeles area with more than 40,000 full and part-time employees.
  • The faculty of University of California, Los Angeles includes:
    • 14 Nobel Laureates
    • 13 Mac Arthur Fellows
    • 9 National Medal of Science winners
    • 3 Pulitzer Prize Winners
  • University of California, Los Angeles Rankings
    • #1 public school
    • 5th best college for veterans
    • 18th best undergraduate engineering programs
    • 21st in national universities
    • 33rd QS World University rankings for number of graduates employed

It was our pleasure to explore these outstanding California universities with you. What other information do you need about California schools? Perhaps the most affordable ones? Or you would like to which ones have the highest graduation rates? Whatever the information you need, California College Bound has got you covered. Visit us for more information or join one of our incredible college tours.

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