Best Colleges in California For Foodies!

A while back, colleges did not endeavor to feed students quality food. From fatty lasagna dinners to soggy vegetables, from cholesterol to flavorless food, dining halls have not been inspiring at all.  Dining services in college had a well-deserved bad reputation captured by the old cliché:’ the freshmen fifteen'.

This refers to the 15 pounds that many first year students often gain from eating a menu of high fat, high carbs, high sugar and overcooked food.  A new awareness has seen high school students and their parents begin to be concerned about the food scene in colleges.

Foodies are primarily looking for universities that do more than fill up their stomachs; they stimulate their taste buds. Fortunately, on Campus College food is getting better and better. California College bound gives you a glimpse of what some colleges now offer:

  • Each meal is cooked from scratch
  • Schools grow their fruits and vegetables
  • Dining service cooks have eliminated trans-fats from all foods
  • Dining rooms remain open late into the night, so those night owls have something other than junk food to eat
  • Nutritionists teach students about healthy eating, wellness, and sustainability
  • Dining rooms provide vegetarian to vegan options.’
  • Dormitory cooking staff now works with students with food allergies and other health restrictions.

 California Colleges that are Ideal for Foodies 

Stanford University

Stanford University is a haven for foodies. The university offers fantastic dining options with places where students can grab a gourmet breakfast, to a traditional Northern Italian shark. Stanford University has rolled out one of the most comprehensive programs on campus that is designed for young adults. California College bound has learnt that Stanford University has teamed up with the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to launch the ‘Teaching kitchen @Stanford’. The program hopes to teach students the basics of choosing groceries, cooking and eating healthy food. The university aims at helping the students with limited time and limited budgets to maintain healthy diets; both as students and after they graduate. University of Stanford also expects to inspire students about food. The chefs at Stanford University are working with Jamie Oliver to create a full curriculum

University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, Los Angeles sits near the top of the nation with their not only healthy but also mouthwatering diverse restaurant selection. The greenhouse and the Native food cafe allow easy access to perfectly healthier food. If a student wants to avoid the freshman fifteen, this is the place to be. The university has an on-campus registered dietician who is accessible to the students. California College bound has established that University of California Los Angeles has a unique food scene that offers a wide diversity of ethnic foods.

Fun fact: University of California, Los Angeles was awarded the most vegan-friendly campus by PETA.

Occidental College

Occidental College has made a name for itself with its affordable and locally diverse foods. Four café offers the dedicated health conscious a delicious sanctuary just a few minutes from the campus. California College bound can confirm that for café features fresh ingredients, dairy-free options, and vegan recipes. They also pride themselves in mixing up their delicious soups and desserts according to each season.  Max city BBQ brings the students of Occidental College perfect comfort food like mac and cheese and Elsa’s bakery brews cozy coffee and sweet pan ducle to get them to the finals.

Fun fact: Occidental College is an actual school for foodies. Modern food trucks first gained popularity around the campus.


University of California, Davis

California College bound elaborates on why Davis is a food paradise:

  • The University of California, Davis has a student-run butchery and cheese shop
  • University of California, Davis also features a top-ranked food science and nutrition program.
  • The University of California manages on-campus farms that produce sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, and other produce.

University of California San Diego

University of California, San Diego is ranked number 19 on the Daily Meals list of Best Colleges for Food. There are plenty of great dining choices in La Jolla and San Diego but students of University of San Diego can eat happily at campus. California College bound can confirm that University of California San Diego employs chefs from award winning culinary schools. The campus is a food haven. From authentic taco trucks to themed food fairs and chocolate festivals, foodies at University of California, San Diego will be spoiled for choice.

As another school year dawns upon us, California College bound hopes that students will find their way into universities that go above and beyond in their efforts to serve fresh, wholesome meals to their students.

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