Do Advanced Placement Classes Help College Admission?

The advanced placement program was established in 1952 by the College Board (who also is the governing organization of the SAT exams).  Advanced placement courses are university level classes offered in 34 subject areas to high achieving high school students.

Once reserved for the most elite high schools, advanced placement classes are finding their way into more schools (and more colleges are excited to see them on applicant’s transcripts!). The advanced placement program gives motivated students the opportunity to earn college credit, which leads to more advanced coursework while enrolled in college.  According to the College Board, students who take AP classes in high school have better four graduation rates in college.

What are the Benefits of Taking Advanced Placement Courses in High School?

Advanced Placement Classes Boost Your College Applications

Taking advanced placement classes helps students to stand-out in the college admissions process.  An advanced placement class on your transcript signals stronger academic training as well as motivation to work hard.  An exam is administered at the end of the course to indicated whether college credits were attained.

AP Courses Prepare Students for College

Advanced placement classes can be challenging introductory college courses because they are fast paced and cover more content than regular high school classes.  Experiencing difficult classes before actually arriving to college may ease a student’s transition from high school to freshman year.  A student who takes the classes will polish up their time management and study skills as well as build confidence.

Advanced Placement Classes Earn College Credits

Colleges accept passing scores on advanced placement exams, which means a student enters freshman year with some general education requirements already met (which equates to saving money!!).

Taking Advanced Placement Classes Enable Students to Study What They Love

With several basic classes out of the way, a student will have more flexibility in their academic schedule. In other words, more freedom to add a second major or minor, take more electives, study abroad or graduate within four years. Passing the AP exam, advances a student to upper level courses, to focus on the work that interests them the most.

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