California Summer Design Thinking and Leadership Program

California Summer Design Thinking
and Leadership Program

This two week summer camp program is designed for American and international high school students. During the program, students will participate in leadership, critical thinking and creative problem solving courses. Students will have opportunities to interact with their peers from around the world, meet outstanding professors, interact with elite college students and study-travel to various California cities in a fun filled two week program!

Program Locations:

Week 1:

San Diego State University Campus




Week 2:

California College Touring and Travel
Los Angeles, San Fransisco

Program Dates

July 21- August 1

July 28 – August 8


Day 1:

Check In
Welcome Ceremony
Course Introduction

Day 2:

Morning:Team Work and Group Collaboration
Afternoon/Evening:Team Beach Activity ( off campus)

Day 3:

Design Thinking
Afternoon/Evening: Off Campus Exploration and Lecture

Day 4:

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Afternoon/Evening: San Diego Corporate Visit

Day 5:

Networking and Interaction
Evening Party and Social Event

Day 6:

Summary of Programs
Project Review and Presentations
Closing Ceremony and Party

Day 7:

Universal Studios

Day 8:

California Science Center
California Institute of Technology ( NASA Robotics) How NASA uses design thinking to solve problems in outer space.

Day 9:

California Poly Technical University
Campus Tour and on campus activity

Day 10:

Sightseeing in San Francisco

Day 11:

Stanford University campus tour and lecture.

Tour Silicon Valley and meet senior leaders at Apple, Google and Facebook. Learn how these companies utilize critical leadership principles to solve issues that shape our world

Day 12:

Visit Berkeley University
Closing Ceremony

Day 13:

Sightseeing and Shopping