California Lutheran University

California Lutheran University is a private, liberal arts university, founded in 1959. California Lutheran University is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church. It is home to a student body of approximately 2,791 undergraduate students and 1,282 graduate students from 35 different countries.

California Lutheran University guarantees housing for all full-time undergraduate students. The residence halls have an apartment-like feel. Students share a two-bedroom suite, including a bathroom, and a living room. California Lutheran University has a 96,000-square foot athletics complex, the Gilberts Sports and Fitness Center. Adjacent to the complex is the 4800-square foot Samuelson Aquatic Center.

Academics at California Lutheran University

California Lutheran University class sizes average 16 students, creating a small and intimate learning environment. Undergraduate programs are offered in 36 academic majors and 31 minors. Graduate and credential programs, as well as doctorate degrees are also offered at Cal Lu.

California Lutheran University has five academic divisions:

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Graduate School of Education
  • School of Management
  • Graduate School of Psychology
  • Adult Evening Program

Some of the majors are:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • English
  • Multimedia
  • Music

Tuition at California Lutheran University

California Lutheran University tuition cost approximately $40,880 per year for undergraduate students. A wide range of scholarships and financial assistance are available. Financial aid counselors work with individuals to help maximize financial aid awards.

Location of California Lutheran University: Thousand Oaks

California Lutheran University is located in Thousand Oaks, California. Thousand Oaks is in Southeastern Ventura County. The name Thousand Oaks comes from the many oak trees growing in the area. It has an estimated population of 129,339 residents. Thousand Oaks is less than 24km from the city of Los Angeles. Thousand Oaks experiences a hot summer climate. Temperatures are slightly cooler temperatures than surrounding areas, thanks to the cooler air from the ocean that travels through the hills and mountain passes.

Beautiful Attractions Near California Lutheran University

Some of the spectacular tourist attractions near Cal Lutheran are:

  • Wildwood National Park: hiking, mountain biking, and running along the well-maintained trails are a popular activity. Wildwood National Park has a large number of wildlife viewing possibilities. It is home to bobcats, raccoons, cougars, turtles, snakes, hawks, rabbits, and deer.
  • Conejo Valley Botanic Garden is a 33-acre piece of land. It has a natural terrain encircled by the city of Thousand Oaks. It has fifteen hillside gardens that are labeled with the names of the plants. The riparian stream found in the garden offers a beautiful hiking trail. The garden is open daily, from sunrise to sunset. The garden has no entry fee.
  • Grant R. Brim Hall Library is a few miles away from campus. It serves as the main library to the city of Thousand Oaks. The library is a great place to study, research, and find a book or other learning materials. This unique library hosts events such as entertainment, seminars etc.

California Lutheran University at a Glance

  • Location: Thousand Oaks
  • Private Liberal Arts University
  • Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctorate Degrees
  • Student enrollment: 4,079
  • Annual tuition: $40,880
  • For more information, visit

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