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California’s Most Beautiful College Campuses |

California’s Most Beautiful College Campuses

At California College Bound, we believe a person’s environment determines a lot about how they view the world. One’s environment often has an impact on the quality of life an individual will experience.

Research shows that a campus setting largely influences prospective students’ decision as to whether or not they enroll in a certain university or college.  The following are college campuses with beautiful, tranquil settings and magnificent architecture.

Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University is located in Malibu.  It is ranked as the 8th most beautiful campus by the Princeton Review. The residence halls on campus are regarded among the best dorms in the country because they provide a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. Students have unlimited access to the beach for surfing, swimming or relaxing.  Pepperdine University is also less than an hour drive to Los Angeles; the ‘entertainment capital of the world’, making the university a top-choice for students who love arts and a vibrant city life.  Another outstanding building is the Philips Theme Tower, which is designed using Mediterranean architecture. This building is a favorite spot for yoga enthusiasts, picnic lovers as well as a quiet area for studying or for meditation.

Scripps College

Located in Claremont, Scripps College is a top-ranked private residential women’s college. Publications such as Forbes Magazine, the Princeton Review, and Business Insider have often recognized Scripps College as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the world– where 99% of students live on campus.

Sycamore, tulip, orange, and almond trees dot the entire campus, while fruit trees line walkways to the residential halls. Olive trees are dominant in the humanities courtyard, providing shade for students who like to study outside. There is a rose garden between Toll and Browning Halls, where many students pick roses to decorate their rooms.  The majority of the buildings are inspired by the Mediterranean style of architecture. The Ruth Chandler Williamson gallery and the Margaret Fowler garden areas feature Mission Revival inspired architecture.

Scripps College provides Wi-Fi access throughout the campus enabling students to do their research in their preferred location. The Ellen Browning and Gabrielle Jungles-Winkler Halls provide students with relaxing rooms for campus clubs and organizations meetings, study breaks, and informal gatherings.

Loyola Marymount University

Sitting atop of the Del Rey hills, Loyola Marymount University resides upon 142 acres of land overlooking the the Pacific Ocean. The campus has tree-lined walkways and sculptured gardens. University buildings range from historical to more modern designs. A point of attraction on the campus is the Sacred Heart chapel, which was built in a Spanish gothic style. People from all over the world come to visit the chapel, which features impressive chandeliers, multi-hued stained-glass windows, marble, and concrete pillars.

Point Loma Nazarene University

Located in San Diego, Point Loma University has been ranked among America’s most beautiful colleges.  An oceanfront location gives students a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean from most spots on campus.  Significant landmarks on the campus include the Academy Building and the Temple of Peace of the Theosophical Society. Both buildings are tastefully designed with amethyst domes that light up at night and provide an iconic view. Point Loma University is ranked 15th in best college in the western region.  Along with its crippling beauty, it makes it a favorite amongst prospective students.

What is the most beautiful California campus you have visited?

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