California Colleges with the Strongest Online Degree Programs

There are many reasons to consider online degree programs. A student may want to go to school in California, but cannot move away or may already have a career that doesn’t accommodate the schedule of attending classes on campus.

Undertaking an online program allows a student to study at their own pace and work a full-time job while completing their studies. California boasts a well-developed online education standard; including large national research universities to the private colleges, and everything in between.

What are the Best Online Degree Programs in California?

Vanguard University of Southern California

Vanguard University of Southern California features one of the best online programs in California. The university offers a small number of online degrees that are highly respected in the professional world. The online courses at Vanguard University are taught in an eight-week asynchronous format. This allows a student the flexibility to choose what time is best for them to attend class.

Vanguard University allows students the opportunity to access the online library. Vanguard University of Southern California’s online library hosts 80 databases and more than 60,000 eBooks and textbooks. Also, the university offers 24/7 tech support and personalized coaching

The most popular online programs at Vanguard University of Southern California include:

  • Associate of Arts in early childhood education
  • Bachelor of Arts in early childhood education
  • Master of Science in nursing

California State University, Fullerton

California State University, Fullerton’s online program offers two bachelor’s degrees and nine master’s degrees. The university also offers a variety of credentials and certificates for professionals and educators. The majority of California State University, Fullerton’s online degree programs are focused on education and STEM. Instructors at Cal State Fullerton lead the same courses online as they do on campus. The online students, therefore, receive the same quality education as on-campus students. Most of the online coursework is also completed asynchronously, providing students with the flexibility to complete coursework on their own schedule

The university utilizes a cohort model for its online programs. Students are paired together by an estimated graduation date. This method helps students build a close-knit academic community, enabling them to engage more in online discussions and team discussions.

The most popular online programs for this university include:

  • Bachelor of Arts in business administration
  • Master of Science in instructional design and technology
  • Master of Science in environmental engineering

Hope International University

Hope International University provides both undergraduate and graduate education through online courses. Hope International University also offers professional certificates and a broad array of online courses from all departments. Students of Hope International University can find online programs for all majors; from business and theology, to education and psychology.

Hope International University offers all programs 100 percent online: lecturers, notes, assignments are available at all times. You will never need to attend campus.

The most popular online programs for Hope International University:

  • Bachelor of Arts in liberal studies: teacher preparation
  • Master of business administration, nonprofit
  • Master of Arts in marriage and family therapy
  • Management concentration

Mount Saint Mary’s University

Mount Saint Mary’s online programs are offered completely online, and they begin every eight weeks.

Mount Saint Mary’s University offers a fixed tuition guarantee; students pay the same rate throughout the program. This is very helpful to the students since they can better predict the cost of their education. The school’s financial aid advisors work with students to help them find grants, scholarships and low-cost loans for their online students.

The University takes an experiential-based approach to online education. The faculty teaches using a combination of lectures, research papers, team projects and independent study.

The most popular online programs for Mount Saint Mary’s University include:

  • Master of Fine Arts in creative writing
  • Bachelor of Science in criminology
  • Bachelor of Science in business administration

Finding an online program in California is easy. However, finding the right program will call for extensive research. California College Bound can point you in the right direction.  Join us to learn about the endless online options available at California colleges and universities.

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