California Colleges with the Best Study Abroad Programs

Higher education is all about expanding one’s mind and becoming a citizen of the world. Enrolling in a study abroad program is a golden opportunity to gain new perspectives.

Studying, researching, and interning abroad allows students to attend programs that may not be available at their home institution as well as to acquire foreign language skills and to experience other cultures.

Which California Colleges offer the Best Study Abroad Programs?

University of California

The University of California Education Abroad program is the official study abroad program for all schools within the University of California system. University of California Education Abroad students enroll in courses abroad while earning University of California units, helping students to maintain a University of California status throughout their study abroad. The study abroad programs range from summer, quarter to semester and yearlong programs. The programs also offer research, internship and volunteer opportunities. The University of California Education Abroad Program awards financial aid and scholarships to qualified students. The program features 411 programs in 44 countries. Some of the featured locations in the University of California Education Abroad Program include:

  • Australia: 5 cities: Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra.
  • Italy: 4 cities: Bologna, Florence, Milan, Rome
  • China: 2 cities: Shanghai, Beijing
  • Spain: 5 cities: Barcelona, Cordoba, Madrid, Cadiz, Granada
  • Mexico: Mexico City

Study abroad rate: 50% of students participate

Soka University of America

Study abroad is mandatory at Soka University of America. The program allows 100% of Soka University’s graduates to spend a semester living and learning in another culture. The Study Abroad and International Internships office organizes and facilitates courses at renowned universities worldwide. Among the study abroad programs featured at Soka University of America are: Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish language programs.

Soka University features 32 destinations; the university administers four of the programs, in Japan. The rest of the programs are administered by eight different universities approved as providers.

Students of the Soka University of America are required to earn a minimum of 12 credits abroad. Some of the featured locations in the Soka University of America Study Abroad program include:

  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Spain
  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Costa Rica
  • France
  • Japan

Fact: There are no extra costs for the study abroad program. All fees are covered in regular tuition regardless of program administration.

Study abroad rate: 100% of students participate

University of San Diego

University of San Diego Study Abroad program is coordinated for 135 programs in 44 different countries.  The University offers most of its students’ study abroad opportunities complete with individual research and internship opportunities.

The University of San Diego maintains a permanent international campus in Madrid, which was established in 2014. Students who choose to study here are offered similar courses to those at the San Diego campus.  Classes are taught by University of San Diego faculty living onsite. The center coordinates home stays and financial aid for students participating in the Madrid semester program.

Other destinations include:

  • Morocco: Casablanca, Ifrane, Rabat
  • Tanzania: Manyara
  • Belgium: Brussels
  • Spain: Madrid
  • France: Paris
  • Cambodia: Siem, Reap
  • China: Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai
  • Japan: Tokyo
  • South Korea: Seoul
  • Cuba: Havana, Matanza
  • Austria: Salzburg, Vienna
  • London: England

Study abroad rate: 70%

Pitzer College

Pitzer College students who are interested in the Study Abroad program can choose from direct enroll programs and over 22 bilateral international exchanges. Pitzer College is also a member of the International Student Exchange Program, a study abroad network. The network offers students of Pitzer College an additional 20 approved programs for study abroad.  Students who participate in study abroad programs from Pitzer College do not incur extra costs. Also, the students can use the same financial aid they receive for on-campus studies towards their study abroad experience.

Some of the locations featured in Pitzer College Study Abroad program include:

  • Costa Rica
  • Pitzer
  • Vietnam
  • Brazil
  • Botswana
  • Italy
  • Nepal
  • Equator
  • China
  • Ghana
  • Rwanda
  • Israel
  • Spain

Study abroad rate: 78%

With the right information, college can be an amazing adventure. California College Bound tours explore colleges that are reputable for assisting their students in study abroad programs. Take the step to enhancing your college experience with a semester abroad.

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