California Colleges with Largest Asian American Student Population

California has the largest Asian population of any state, with 4.2 million Asian Americans.

The following California universities have the largest population of Asian American students.

University of California, Riverside

The University of California, Riverside is one of the most racially and ethnically diverse schools in the United States. The university’s undergraduate population is more than 23,000 and it comprises a broad representation of the major racial and ethnic groups living in California.

Asian American students are at home at the University of California, Riverside. The University features numerous programs and events targeted towards the Asian American culture.  University of California, Riverside offers Asian American studies through the Department of Cultural Studies. The program provides critical interdisciplinary perspectives on the various histories of migration, contact, and settlement of Asian groups in the United States. Asian American related events in University of California, Riverside include:

  • Asian Pacific Culture Week: The program serves as a meeting point and cornerstone for the Asian American community on campus
  • Asian American Freshman Education Opportunity Program
  • Generasian women’s Conference: A one-day conference held in winter, specifically focusing on issues facing Asian American woman
  • Lunar New Year Festival: Every winter, students learn the traditions of Lunar New Year. The celebration includes games, a night market, and performances.

Asian American student population: 41%

University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, Los Angeles is the oldest undergraduate college in the University of California system. It is also the largest university in California in regarding to enrolment (nearly 42,000 students attend UCLA!).

University of California, Los Angeles features the Department of Asian American studies. The Department has 15 core faculty, 12 affiliated faculty members, one adjunct professor, and three continuing lectures. The department offers more than 70 courses per year to more than 2,000 students from all over the campus. The department has been offering an interdisciplinary curriculum in Asian American contemporary realities for the last 45 years.  The Department of Asian American Studies also awards a graduate program that leads to a Master of Arts degree and two simultaneous degree programs; Asian American studies and public health.

The Asian American Studies Center at the University of California, Los Angeles was established in 1969. The center has gone a long way in boosting the well-being of Asian American students on the campus. The center features:

  • Over 25 scholarships, fellowships and academic prizes
  • The largest Asian American Studies library and archives in the nation
  • Two national scholarly journals and an award-winning center press

Asian American student population: 32.1%

Stanford University

Stanford University is a renowned private research university with a student population of 16,336 students.  Stanford offers an Asian American studies program through the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. The program offers students an interdisciplinary approach to understand the Asian American experience.  Stanford University features a broad range of Asian American related resources and events including:

  • Stanford Journal of Asian American Studies (SJAAS)
  • Stanford Asian American Activities Center
  • Asian American Graduate Student Association
  • Asian American Interactive Mentoring (AIM)
  • Asian American New Student Orientation Committee (AANSOC)

Asian American student population: 22.9%

San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University is a public university that started in 1899. The University has an undergraduate population of 25,945 students.  San Francisco State University features diverse academic offerings, which includes the College of Ethnic Studies, a unique division featuring Asian American Studies among its many majors.

The department offers a Bachelor of Arts in Asian American studies. The undergraduate program is targeted at students who wish to pursue a comprehensive program of study in Asian American culture. The department also offers a minor in Asian American studies for students who wish to explore courses while completing a major in other fields.

Other resources for Asian American studies at San Francisco State University include:

  • Asian American Studies Scholarship Fund
  • Asian American Donor Program

Asian American student population: 28%

What are the qualities of your ideal Asian American program? Is it a unique range of Asian American studies courses? Or a variety of Asian American studies related events on campus. Or do you want to attend a campus that features Asian American scholarships and other valuable offerings? California College Bound has all the information. Visit us, and we will set you on the journey towards enrolling in your preferred Asian American studies program.

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