Best Ways to Explore California Colleges, While Still in High School

There is no doubt that visiting prospective colleges is one of the best ways to experience ‘a day-in-the life’ of a college student. When it is time to make a decision, the information you collected during a college visit will help you decide whether the specific college is right for you.

A prudent high school student has compiled a short list of colleges that interest them by the end of their junior year. The schools on the list will have various features:

Why Should High School Students Visit Colleges?

Visiting a school enables you to:

  • Experience the school and city first hand.
  • Observe campus life.
  • Make that crucial decision on which college is the right fit for you.

Exploring colleges for a high school student in California can take various forms.  Prospective students can take an organized tour of the campus as well as virtual tours.

Sign up for an Organized College Tour

A college tour is a series of campus visits to various colleges or universities by a prospective student. The best time to go for a college tour is during the school year when classes are in session.

Why Go On a College Tour?

A crucial part of deciding which college to attend is finding a good fit. A great way to determine whether a college is the right place for you, is to visit them in person and gather specific information. College tours serve the following purposes:

  • Get answers to your questions
  • Get valuable information
  • Write a killer ‘why us’ essay

This essay is aimed at ensuring that you have specific knowledge of the college cultures, courses, professors and other opportunities. Your essay will stand out more if it reveals something unique about the college that you picked during the tour instead of regurgitating what is on the website.

  • To officially demonstrate individual interest in the school

Admission committees are very secretive about their processes. This means that we do not have a clear picture of how admission officers consider each piece of a students’ application. What if it can be in your favor for the college to have your name on its visit records?

Fact: do not let your parents dominate the tour. As much as it is okay for parents to ask questions, you will be the one attending classes and making memories for the next four years.

College tours are necessary because the student will allow themselves ample time to explore the campus and the surroundings. Most high school students are permitted several excused absences in junior and senior years to visit colleges. Some of the things to do during a college tour include:

  • Attend a class
  • Meet with the professors
  • Meet with the admission officers
  • Meet with a financial aid officer
  • Eat in the dining hall

Ensure that you sign up with a reputable college tour company so that you can get that maximum value for a visit. If you would love to study in California, California College Bound is your best bet. California College Bound has all the information that you may need about California colleges and universities.

Take a Virtual Tour of College Campuses

If you cannot make a physical tour of your preferred college, all is not lost. Many college websites offer virtual campus tours. From the basic information – size of the campus and the student population, you will, also, have a closer look at different parts of the campus using interactive maps and other web tools. In addition to the virtual tour, a college’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed will tell a student all about campus life; clubs, sports cultural events, student governments.

Visiting all the colleges on a student’s list may be financially prohibitive. Therefore, a student can prioritize a few colleges on their short list. Remember, there is no substitute for walking across campus and imaging yourself belong there. Join a California College Bound tour and get the most out of a campus tour!

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