Best California Colleges for Students Majoring in Teacher Education

Teaching is a demanding but rewarding profession. With the current social and technological advancements, teachers must possess a variety of skills that showcase their subject knowledge as well as strategies that make learning exciting for young minds.

Careful selection of the right college is necessary in order to acquire the skills needed to become a successful teacher. Luckily, many colleges in California have dedicated entire departments to education and are renowned for their teaching programs.

Some quick facts about teacher education in California:

  • There are 120 colleges and universities with teacher degree programs in California; 32 colleges and universities offer an associate degree in education.
  • 44 colleges in California offer a bachelors degree in education.
  • 54 colleges and universities in California offer graduate studies in California.

What are the Best California Colleges for Education Majors?

Stanford University

Stanford University’s school of education awards an undergraduate degree in education. The school is organized into three academic areas:

  • Curriculum studies and teacher education
  • Social sciences, humanities, and interdisciplinary policy studies
  • Developmental and psychological sciences

The major is structured to enable students to understand the core issues facing educators and education policymakers, to make connections to their chosen major programs for graduate studies in education. Each year, the school features an honors program that provides a small number of students with the opportunities to pursue independent research under the close mentorship of Stanford University faculty.

Fun facts:

  • The school of education at Stanford has the highest graduation rate in the country at 94%.
  • Stanford University ranks number 2 in the US News, best graduate educator programs (2017)

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific’s School of Education features the following areas:

  • Teacher education
  • Special education
  • Educational leadership
  • School counseling and school psychology
  • Physical education
  • Educational technology

The School of Education features several departments and more than 25 programs.

A degree in education at Azusa Pacific University, is demanding and intellectually challenging; but flexible and student-centered. The masters degree is embedded with credential programs that prepare students to become teachers who meet the demand of students enrolled in the private and public schools.

Fun Facts:

  • Azusa Pacific University School of Education ranks number 177 in high school counselor rankings.
  • The graduation rate at Azusa Pacific university school of education is 88%, well above California average.

The University of Southern California

Rosier School of Education at the University of Southern California offers six masters degree programs, a doctor of education in organizational change and leadership degree, a Ph.D. in Urban Education policy and a Global Executive Doctor of Education. Some of the alumni of the school include:

  • Ethel Percy Andrus: the first woman hired as a high school principal in California and the founder of national retired teachers association.
  • Leo Buscoglia: A best-selling author and professor of special education and counseling at Rosier
  • Loren Grey: Author and Educational Psychologist.
  • Thelma “pat’ Nixon: former First lady of the United States
  • Kent M. Keith: former president, Chaminade University.

University of Southern California’s department of education holds many accolades:

  • Currently ranked number 15 in US News for best education schools.
  • Ranked 4th for for awarding the most education doctorate degrees earned by students of color.
  • Education Week ranks USC 5th for influencing educational policy and practice.

Biola University

Biola University’s School of Education features the following programs:

  • Certificate in curriculum and instruction
  • Masters of Art in teaching
  • Masters of Art Education
  • Masters of Art in curriculum, instruction, and publication

The undergraduate department of education aims to equip pre-K-12th educators with the skills necessary to teach public, private, missionary and home school students through biblically-centered education and ethical excellence. The students of liberal studies elementary education programs are equipped with the practical techniques that they require to become effective teachers.

The students can choose among the following concentrations biology, early childhood, human development, English, Intercultural studies, physical education mathematics, US history and visual arts.  Students who have an interest in serving students with special needs have an opportunity to earn their special education certificate by completing a state approved coursework within their chosen major.

Students of Biola university’s School of Education can simultaneously earn a multiple subject teaching credential as they earn their degree.  Biola University School of Education has been ranked fourth in the list of Best Colleges for education in California by the US Department of Education in California.

Point Loma Nazarene University

The School of Education at Point Loma Nazarene University offers selected credential and degree programs in accordance with Christianity in the Wesleyan tradition. The undergraduate program features two majors,

  • Bachelor of Arts in integrated education
  • Bachelor of Arts teacher education

Students of Point Loma Nazarene University School of Education acquire real classroom experience through 100 hours of fieldwork in public schools.

With the changes in today’s society, along with the changing needs of students, a teacher’s work is challenging.  Becoming a successful teacher starts with finding the right bachelor’s program. California College Bound makes it simple to find and compare California universities who offer degrees in education. Join the California College Bound tour and program to visit the top teacher education universities.

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