Best California Colleges for Students Majoring in History

Studying history goes beyond exploring the facts of historical events. It involves analyzing the overall impact of historical events and trends in the world. 

A student looking to pursue a major in history should choose a program that is broad and rich as well as features scholar level faculty, who are active history professionals outside of the classroom. The following California College history programs stand out from the crowd.

Occidental College

Occidental College features an impressive history major that is offered by the Department of Human and Social Sciences. History is one of the most crucial major and comprehensive subjects in the Occidental curriculum. The program offers a broad diversity of courses, which covers every period and culture from around the globe.  Courses include: the history of a specific geographical region, topical areas, such as history of science and medicine as well as women’s history.

Occidental College offers two history degree programs. The history major at Occidental College consists of a minimum of forty hours.  History majors who graduate from Occidental College earn an average career wage of $66,978.

Students of Occidental college’s history major can choose from a broad spectrum of courses including geographical areas and topical areas like the history of science and medicine and women history.

Pomona College

Pomona College offers a history major within the department of the liberal arts. 

A major in history consists of:

  • Five courses in a field of specialization
  • A group of three courses drawn from Western and non-Western fields
  • A single course of any period before 1800
  • A senior thesis

Pomona College’s history program ranks 62 out of 615 nationwide. This makes Pomona one of the top programs in the US to study history.

Pomona College history program has also been ranked 8 out of 45 in the state of California.

Pascale indicates that a student who graduates from Pomona with a degree in history will make average career earnings of $68,000. This figure is 9.2% above the national average of all graduates.

Pomona College stands out in its commitment to funding innovative and particular student research programs. For instance, the Iberian Grant fund is given to one lucky student’s summer research project in Spain or Portugal, the Caribbean or Latin America. 

Pomona College represents one of the best small colleges for history majors who desire to pursue specific research work abroad.

University of California, Santa Barbara

The University of California, Santa Barbara features two paths to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A):

  • History, B.A
  • History of public policy B.A

The B.A in the history of public policy is the first to be offered in American higher education. The degree combines comparative studies in history with studies related academic disciplines.

Some of the notable alumni of the University of California, Santa Barbara history department include:

  • Joe Wilson: A career diplomat
  • Karen Fisher: A historical novelist
  • Joe Wilson: A career diplomat
  • Judge Frank J. Ochoa: Retired Superior Court Judge
  • Christine Adams: Former Assistant U.S Attorney

Graduate students at the department of history are admitted to a single M.A / Ph.D. program, which is designed to provide the students with research training leading to the doctoral degree.

Some of the areas of graduate study at the history department include:

  • Gender
  • Medieval Europe
  • Twentieth century US
  • Public history

University of California, Santa Barbara is ranked 44 in history nationally pay scale reported that the University of California, Santa Barbara’s history graduates make the ninth highest salaries in the field.

The department’s doctorate program has been honored by the National Research Council for Excellence in Research and in criteria which scholars value the most.

California State University, Fullerton

California State University, Fullerton offers a Bachelor of Arts as well as a Master of Arts in history. Students of California State University, Fullerton department of history who wish to teach history in a middle or high school setting can take the credentials program, also referred to as the history-social science subject matter preparation program.

Students of the history department California State University, Fullerton have access to the renowned center for all the research methods of collecting and interpreting oral histories.

Students who are pursuing a master’s thesis or project in oral or public history can apply for the Hansen Fellowship in oral and public history.

If you want to create a career based on your love of history, pursuing your degree at one of these excellent California Universities is a great place to start.

Now that you have an idea which schools to apply to, California College Bound would be delighted to make the process of selection much easier. Join the California College Bound tour program, and we will organize visits to a college of your preference.

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