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6 Amazing Colleges in California with No SAT Requirements |

6 Amazing Colleges in California with No SAT Requirements

For many high school students, the word ‘SAT’ brings a shiver down the spine.  This standardized test is notorious for long hours of preparation and inadequately representing a student’s academic successes. Check out these amazing colleges that have SAT test optional entry requirements.

Over the past several years, college officials have begun to reevaluate how they consider a prospective student’s SAT scores.  A handful of schools are beginning to place less value on SAT scores, in the overall application process and are now allowing for ‘test optional’ and ‘flexible’ policies.

  • Test Optional Colleges: Gives the student more control over how they want to craft their application to be viewed by the college. This policy leaves the decision to send, or not send, SAT scores with the application.  A student who does not feel their SAT scores are an accurate representation of their academic ability and potential may opt to not send their scores.
  • Flexible Policies: Colleges with a flexible policy allow students to send other documentation of academic achievement in lieu of SAT scores. For example, a school may waive the test requirement in exchange for a high GPA score, Advanced Placement exam scores, or an ACT score.

Before you let your test-taking nerves get the best of you, check out these incredible California colleges, which provide alternatives to providing SAT exam scores.


Woodbury University is a private coeducational institution of higher learning. Its main campus is in Burbank, Los Angeles, with a satellite campus in San Diego. Woodbury University offers both graduate and undergraduate degree programs, in a variety of areas.  Woodbury University has a rolling application process and students may apply at any time.

  • Woodbury University is test optional. Students are not required to send their SAT scores, but can submit them to strengthen their application.

Fun fact: William Travilla, the fashion designer who dressed Marilyn Monroe is an alumnus of Woodbury University.


Loyola Marymount University is a coeducational, private institution of higher learning located in Los Angeles. The campus overlooks the city of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. It is the largest Catholic university on the West Coast. The university is prestigiously ranked in many areas:

  • Loyola Marymount University offers a flexible policy for international students.International students can submit advanced placement exam scores or international baccalaureate achievements in place of SAT scores. However,SAT or ACT scores are highly recommended to be considered for merit based scholarships.


Cal Poly Pomona is a public polytechnic university located in Pomona.  It is ranked the 10th most diverse college in America.

  • Cal Poly Pomona offers a flexible policy for international students. International students are exempt from submitting SAT scores, unless they are applying for an ‘impacted major’ that receives more applications then it can accept.


Bethesda University is a private Christian university located in Anaheim, California.

The college is ranked among the top five religious schools in California.  Bethesda University aims to equip future leaders with the professional skills to become advocates of world peace and world missions by building churches globally.

  • Bethesda University does not require an SAT exam.


Applicants are considered for admission to California Institute of the Arts based on the applicant’s creative talent and future artistic potential.

Applicants apply directly to their program of study.

  • California Institute of the Arts does not review SAT scores of the applicants without their consent and they do not include applicant’s GPA as a requirement for admission consideration.


The Art Center College of Design is located in Pasadena.  The college offers specialized education in intensive studio classes specific to their major.  Students are encouraged to choose a major when they apply.

  • Students enrolled in international high schools are not required to submit SAT scores.

Will you apply to a college with no SAT requirements? Let California College Bound hear your opinion!

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