Experiencing a Gap Year in California

The gap year trend was pioneered by Harvard University. Harvard recommends that first-year students should consider taking time off before starting their university studies.

After graduating from high school, Malia Obama (oldest daughter of recent United States president- Barack Obama) has announced she will take a gap year before attending Harvard University.  Malia will spend her year as an intern at a movie company in New York City.

In years past, gap years have raised eyebrows and caused many parents to feel nervous that their child would veer off track academically.  However, as some highly ranked ivy league schools endorse a formal break from academics, more parents are beginning to support this growing trend.

Reasons to Take a Gap Year

  • Students who take a gap year have better GPA’s and are more involved in school activities when they return to their academic studies
  • Taking a gap year helps students to adjust to new and unfamiliar surroundings. Therefore, having more confidence when transitioning to college.

Experiencing a GAP Year in California

California is the ideal location to spend time during a gap year. California is characterized by perfect weather, an impeccably organized education system, the most enchanting natural landmarks, an unbeatable entertainment scene, and cultural diversity.

Volunteering in California During a Gap Year

A gap year student can spend time volunteering in California.  Volunteering in California has many advantages.  Two of the biggest advantages are:

Study Part Time in a Community College During a Gap Year

Studying in a community college is a winning idea. Students who take advantage of this option can experience local life and also use the experience to their advantage when applying to a four year school.

Fun facts:

  • 51% of California State University graduates start at a California community college
  • 29% of University of California graduates start out at a California community college
  • University of California State system attributes 48% of its bachelor’s degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to transfer students from California Community Colleges
Internships in California During a Gap Year

Internships are a rare opportunity for forward-thinking students who are considering ways they can stand out from their competition. California is home to some of the most important companies in the United States.  Internships give students work experience and new skills. A student can take advantage of a gap year by interning in one of these incredible companies, while also experiencing life near their preferred campus.

California Schools Who Promote Gap Years 

Harvey Mudd College

Harvey Mudd College is recognized nationally for their support of the gap year. Upon admittance into Harvey Mudd, the college allows students to apply for a gap year by completing paperwork, which includes a short explanation that outlines their plans during the gap year.

Pomona College

Pomona College allows first year students who have been admitted to apply for a gap year; fondly known as, the ‘term of service’ or ‘year of service opportunities’. Students who are interested in taking a gap year need to contact the admissions office to discuss their options, as well as, make a deposit of $500 to guarantee the student’s re-admission, the following year, as a full time freshman.

A gap year can be utilized in ways that will add tremendous value to a student’s life. California is perfect location- full of opportunities for experiencing a gap year. Join us to explore your options!

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