Why International Students are Flocking to California

The Institute of International Education together with the US Department of States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, released their 2016 report which revealed, California is the top destination for international students, as compared to all the other states.

The Golden State recently registered a 10% increase in international student populations, the highest increase of any state. The report further indicated that California hosted more than 150,000 international students in the years 2015 and 2016.

Four of the top twenty US institutions of higher education are located in California.  Below are the top four colleges and the number of international student’s enrolled:

According to the report, the countries sending the most students to California include:

  • China
  • India
  • South Korea
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Taiwan

Other facts:

  • International students spend $5.2 billion annually while in the Golden State.
  • 14% of the University of Southern Californian freshman class was composed of international students.
  • University of California, Los Angeles freshman class hosts students from more than 80 countries.
  • So why do so many international students want to study in California?
  • It is hardly surprising that California attracts such a high number of international students because the state hasa ton to offer. California boasts one of the largest economies in the world and it is also the epicenter of several industries: education, information, entertainment, and technology.

California has proven to be a national contributor in the aerospace, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors; providing reason for many universities in California to create high quality and affordable programs that focus on engineering and technology, to meet the demand.

Why California is a Top College Destination for International Students

California Colleges Have Cultural Diversity

California is seen as a more liberal state that boasts a large and culturally diverse population. Since California enrolls more international students than any other state, living in California means that a student will experience and embrace new and novel languages, cultures foods, people, ideas, and cultural celebrations on a regular basis. With such a diverse and inclusive population, a student will hardly feel a stranger.

Fun facts:

  • 43% of California residents speak a language other than English at home.
  • San Francisco hosts the largest Chinatown outside of Asia.

Studying in California is truly a multicultural experience.

California Colleges Have an Organized System of Education

International students are attracted to California’s well-organized network of colleges and universities. California universities and colleges have an excellent reputation for providing quality education. A foreign student who studies in California can look forward to the acknowledgment and prestige of a California diploma. Some California universities constantly rank top in the United States. They include:

California universities and colleges offer undergraduate degrees in almost any field that a student can imagine. If a student is looking for top quality education without the ivy league price tag, California offers some incredible options. 

California Colleges Provide Students with the Perfect Climate, Incredible Sights and Natural Wonders

California offers international students a summer vacation feeling all year. Ideal temperatures provide students the freedom to explore the beautiful state, when they are free from studying. The diversity of California’s landscapes offers a wide range of recreational activities. Students in California can:

  • Surf along California’s famous shoreline.
  • Hike along one of the many California scenic nature trails.
  • Visit national parks and state parks.

Fact: about 45% of California’s total surface is covered by lush forests.

Southern California is home to the major south-central desert and Death Valley, hot spots for extreme sports and sightseeing. The California coast is home to the most famous cities including San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  Wherever one is in California, there is plenty of natural beauty around to take one’s breath away.

California Colleges are Top in Technology

Many contemporary technology experts, business, and industries trace their origin stories back to Silicon Valley.  This  region of California provides international students with valuable networking opportunities. Students can rub shoulders with some of the greatest tech minds on the planet, while studying in California.

California’s Diverse Cuisines- College Students Will Never Miss Home

California’s historical ties, as well as close geographical proximity with Mexico brings the authentic flavors into many of the culinary cuisines, north of the border.  This diverse state has a variety of other ethnic cuisines that dish-up iconic foods with fresh flavor.

Fun facts:

  • California is the place where Japanese Sushi took off in North America.
  • California boasts a vibrant agricultural economy that produces half of all the fruits, nuts and vegetable grown in the US.

California has developed a wine culture that has won global respect for the more than 100 different varieties of grapes grown there. When you consider Los Angeles’ food truck scene and San Francisco’s mission Burritos, California is impossible to beat. With all the distinct and interesting foods to try out in California, international student will find what they are craving.

Studying in California is the ultimate experience for a foreign student. The cultural diversity of California is unrivaled and the schools are incredible. California allows a lot of opportunities for unforgettable leisure activities. Studying in California is, therefore, an incredible investment. If you want to explore more opportunities in California for International students, California College Bound is the place to go. Join a California College Bound tour and learn more about California’s hot spot for foreign students.

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