College Prep for Homeschooling Students

Students who are homeschooled can find the process of preparing for college to be rather challenging. Traditional high schools offer college prep through their meticulously aligned curriculum as well as resources provided through the school’s college guidance counselor.

How Can Homeschool Students Prepare Themselves for College?

Always Aim for College Admissions

University of California ‘a-g’ course requirements

A-History / Social Science

b- English

c – Mathematics

d – Laboratory Science

e – Language other than English

f – Visual and performing arts

g – College prep electives

In addition to ensuring that the basic credits are covered, there are other ways to ensure that the homeschooled student is ready for college.

Dual Enrollment at a Community College

Attending community college is an excellent way to cover basic courses and save on tuition by paying for credits where they cost less. Taking joint enrolled classes allows the homeschooler to count both courses- towards high school and college credit. Ensure the dual enrolment courses are listed on the high school transcript as DE, and they can be weighted.

  • Prepare for and Take SAT Exams

The SAT exam allows a student to display their knowledge of subjects. Although the homeschooler will not be awarded credit for the tests, they will have a better chance of being admitted to some schools with the tests.

  • Advanced Placement Classes

Advanced Placement classes have numerous benefits. They help students save on tuition because the student receives class credit for Advancement Placement exam scores of 3 and above. Again, the student can graduate sooner from college or even get scholarships that they would otherwise not have been awarded. Advanced Placement classes impress college admission officers and can greatly boost the chances of admission into the homeschooler’s dream school.


  • Do your research to find out what each college requires for admission from the high school applicant
  • Ensure that the homeschool high school curriculum has enough credits in each subject area to satisfy college admission
  • Bear in mind that SAT / ACT testing availability is limited to certain dates and locations. Sign up early to ensure the test date occurs before the college application deadline
  • Remember that advanced placement testing is only offered once per year (in May). Contact the College Board in good time to find out which local school will allow you to sit for the advanced placement exams

Volunteer and Intern

Homeschoolers do not have the opportunity to participate in student government and in some states they cannot participate on the high school sports teams. However, the biggest advantage of homeschooling is flexibility. Homeschooling students can volunteer or work during the day and add weight to their college applications.

Not only do volunteer hours look good on college application, but they are also a good way to explore careers. During internships, the homeschooler will learn about organizations and career paths, which can help them towards a major much sooner.

Visit Colleges

Choosing a college is the most important step of all- and usually the most intimidating. Start with narrowing down the fields that the homeschooler wants to go into and then research the best colleges that offer these programs.

For homeschoolers, college visits are even more crucial. A college can be intimidating for a high school student, but even more for homeschoolers. A couple of visits to local colleges, even if the homeschooler has no interest in them, will go a long way to make them feel more comfortable as they prepare for college. College visits will also help the student decide the suitability of a given college and ultimately make a decision on the college that is the right fit.

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