California High School Students Are Studying Abroad in China at Record Numbers

A growing number of California students are studying in China. China is a huge nation with a rich culture and history, booming economy, and large population. China offers plenty of opportunities for California students to learn both in and out of the classroom.

When students study in China, they enrich their academic studies while experiencing the unique rural and metropolitan beauty of China. Students gain new perspectives in their field while continuing to earn valuable credits.

Why are California Students Studying Abroad in China at Record Numbers?

Travel and Exploration

Studying in China offers California students the perfect opportunity to explore the world’s most populous country. The vast size of China’s territory means that students will experience different varieties of climates, cultures, and landscapes. Also, the cities themselves boast eye-catching works of modern architecture: from the towering skyscrapers of Shanghai to Beijing’s Olympics Bird’s nest.

Other offerings that students experience in China include:

  • The Great Wall of China
  • The Forbidden City in Beijing
  • The Terracotta, Army in Xian – Emperor Qin’s buried battalions
  • The Li River in Guilin – Watery wonder
  • The Yellow Mountains in Huangshan
  • Giant Pandas in Chengdu
  • The Portal Palace in Lhasa
  • The Bund in Shanghai
  • Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong
  • West Lake in Hangzhou
  • The Three Pagodas
  • Zhangjiajile National Forest Park
  • Shilin Stone Forest
  • Wudang Mountains

Students of California are able to easily explore China by bus, taxis and high-speed railway that reaches a maximum speed of over 300Km/hr. What is more, students can hop on low-cost flights and explore South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Studying Abroad in China is Affordable

The Chinese government has doubled efforts to increase the number of scholarships it offers to international students. In 2016, 40% of international students who studied in China received some form of financial award from the Chinese government. The Chinese government sponsored 20,000 scholarships in support of the 100,000 Strong Initiative. The government continues to offer a plethora of scholarships for international students.

Chinese Universities Have a Growing Reputation

A college’s reputation can assist with securing a job after graduation or continuing with postgraduate studies. Chinese universities are increasingly gaining respect. The number of Chinese universities included in major global university rankings has risen significantly over past five years. For example, in 2011 there were only six Chinese universities in Times Higher Education’s world university rankings whereas in 2015 – 2016, there were 37 more than either Canada or Australia.

Chinese degree programs in majors such as science, engineering, medicine, economics and trade as well as MBA’s and finance are highly revered. The academic qualifications awarded by Chinese universities are recognized by most developed countries.

Studying in China is Great for a Student’s Career

  • Knowledge and experience of China is an increasingly valuable asset in many industries. China is the fourth most popular destination for international travel, with the country still growing in economic and cultural significance.
  • China has been the world’s fastest growing country for the last 30 years. The country is the world’s second-largest economy after America.
  • The world’s top 500 companies all do business in China, with many choosing to base their Asia – Pacific headquarters in Chinese cities of Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

Therefore, people who can speak Chinese or have firsthand experience of living in China have a great advantage regarding employment. Knowledge of Mandarin; one of the world’s most spoken languages, could open plenty of doors in future careers. Whether a student intends to work in China or join an international company, being able to speak Mandarin makes a student highly attractive for hire. Many employers believe that living in China allows students to be open-minded ready to adapt and flexible, which at the end of the day is what they look for in prospective employees.

Consider the Following Facts About Studying Abroad:

  • 97% of the American student who studied in China say the trip was worth the cost
  • 4% of students who studied in China indicate that living in China make them more positive towards the county
  • 82% of the students who have been to China say that they plan to use the Chinese language in their field of work

Studying in China is a worthwhile investment! If you are looking for an unusual university experience, a serious resume booster and an incredible personal experience- studying in China is the option for you. Join California College Bound to learn more about the best collges as well as to visit California colleges.

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